Shift Markets Partners with Cryptio to Boost Crypto Compliance

Shift Markets Partners with Cryptio to Boost Crypto Compliance

End-to-End Automation for Crypto Exchanges and Brokers: Shift Markets Partners with Cryptio

Shift Markets and Cryptio have joined forces to streamline the path for crypto businesses toward regulatory reporting compliance. Exchanges, funds, stablecoin issuers, and banking institutions can now benefit from their combined product offering to automate end-to-end financial operations and reporting.



Enabling  Businesses to Meet Worldwide Compliance Requirements

Shift Markets, renowned for its extensive services tailored to crypto exchanges, excels in guiding businesses through the complex cryptocurrency landscape. They offer tailored solutions that simplify the process of achieving legal compliance across various jurisdictions, helping enterprises seamlessly secure MSB/MTL licenses and complete FinCEN registrations. With their strategic support, businesses can meet global compliance standards effortlessly, enabling them to thrive in the fast-evolving crypto ecosystem.


Cryptio specializes in simplifying crypto accounting and data reconciliation processes. Their cutting-edge software enables businesses to maintain accurate financial records and comply with international accounting standards. Serving 450+ enterprises, Cryptio’s platform equips businesses with robust reporting capabilities essential for securing MTL, PSP and MiCA licenses, thereby bolstering their regulatory compliance efforts.




The Next-Generation Stack for Regulated Crypto Enterprises

Exchanges and institutions using Shift Markets’s marketplace infrastructure can now leverage an automated technology solution for accounting and financial reporting. Cryptio’s platform enables exchanges to reconcile database balances and transactions with the on-chain source of truth. This is built on Cryptio’s proprietary data layer, ensuring accurate and complete financial data that can be used to generate auditable IFRS- and GAAP-compliant reports.


Leveraging their collaboration with Cryptio, Shift Markets employs a sophisticated infrastructure to manage regulatory complexities efficiently across various jurisdictions. Their secure and scalable technology complements Cryptio’s efforts in financial data accuracy, providing a unified solution for streamlined financial operations and reporting. This synergy ensures businesses can adapt seamlessly to the evolving landscape of the regulated crypto market.


“Embracing the evolving landscape of the crypto industry, our partnership with Cryptio marks a significant milestone in driving positive change and fostering trust within the ecosystem. Together, we’re not just navigating regulations; we’re shaping a future where crypto businesses can thrive with confidence and integrity.”
Ian McAfee, CEO, Shift Markets


“As the crypto industry continues to mature, partnerships like the one between Shift Markets and Cryptio play a crucial role in fostering trust, transparency, and stability within the ecosystem. By working together, we’re poised to drive positive change and propel crypto businesses towards greater success and legitimacy.”
Antoine Scalia, Founder and CEO, Cryptio


Through this strategic partnership, Shift Markets and Cryptio aim to offer crypto businesses a holistic solution that addresses both regulatory and accounting challenges. By leveraging Shift Markets’ expertise in regulatory compliance and Cryptio’s innovative back-office OS, businesses can enhance their operational efficiency, mitigate risks, and accelerate their journey toward achieving digital assets licenses like MTL/MSB, PSP, and MiCA.



About Shift Markets

Shift Markets is a CaaS (Crypto-as-a-Service) solutions provider Founded in 2009 that enables any sized business to commercialize digital assets to grow their business.


Shift offers a range of technological and service-based products for businesses operating within the crypto and traditional markets. To date Shift has successfully launched 200+ exchanges across our products. With offices, exchanges, and partners worldwide, Shift is a truly global company.


As seen previously on Nasdaq, PYMNTS, Sail GP, Algorand, Hedera, & Messari.



About Cryptio

Cryptio is the leading enterprise-grade accounting, tax, financial reporting, and audit preparation solution. It is a complete back-office platform that delivers financial integrity and accountability for businesses in crypto.

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