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Marketplace Infrastructure for
Digital Assets

Shift Markets’ crypto-as-a-service technology allows anyone to commercialize digital assets, without the headaches.

Helping companies weave digital assets into their existing tech stack.

Comprehensive Technology

Seamlessly integrate Shift Market’s technology into your existing technology stack. Wih our modular exchange solutions, we make it easy to build to your business needs, on a rapid timeline.

Robust Network

Utilize Shift Markets’ robust network of liquidity, partners, and decades of experience to seamlessly onboard digital assets to your platform.

Middleware Integrations

Connect to all essential parts of the digital asset ecosystem, all on one platform. You choose your vendors, and our robust API solutions will do the rest.

Products and Services

Our CaaS model makes it easy to commercialize and integrate digital assets into your existing tech stack, and beyond. Meet your customers in the marketplaces of the future, with the assets of their choosing, by customizing your tech stack with our secure, flexible digital asset infrastructure.

Crypto Exchange Software

Launch a crypto or digital asset exchange with our comprehensive technology and flexible solutions.

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Digital Asset Ledger

Connect directly with your custody provider to recording all financial transactions within the platform, and maintain the source of truth for account balances. The ledger utilizes an immutable data structure optimized to ensure transaction integrity and full audit capabilities.

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Trading Technology

Benefit from a rapid platform launch, deep liquidity, and an advanced market maker, enabling you to seize market opportunities swiftly. Our top-tier market maker and pre-sourced liquidity pools ensure optimal trade execution and hassle-free transactions for your users.

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Crypto Pay

Start accepting cryptocurrency and fiat online with our readymade crypto payment system.

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Blockchain Solutions

Build and integrate with a variety of blockchains. Not sure where to start? Shift Markets has the solutions for you.

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NFT Solutions

Seamlessly launch digital collectibles to boost user engagement, grow client retention, and expand your brands awareness.

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Integrations Hub

Shift Markets connects with industry leaders and partners to offer our middleware integration. Connecting our clients to the whole digital ecosystem, the integrations hub will help you connect with KYC/KYT, wallet services, liquidity providers, market makers, and more,


Regulatory and Compliance


Liquidity & Market Making


KYC/KYT Providers


And More!

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