Shift Markets Launches New White Label Crypto Derivatives Platform

Shift Markets Launches New White Label Crypto Derivatives Platform

Shift Markets Launches New White Label Crypto Derivatives Platform

Today marks a significant milestone for the digital trading industry as Shift Markets unveils its new Crypto Derivatives Trading Platform. This leading white label solution allows exchanges and brokerages to quickly and efficiently break into the crypto derivatives market. Designed to equip market participants with advanced tools for leveraged trading and sophisticated order types, this platform is essential for capturing and expanding market share in the rapidly evolving digital asset markets.



Advanced Trading Framework with High-Level Customization

The Crypto Derivatives Platform is engineered to surpass the increasing technical requirements of brokerages and exchanges, offering a high level of adaptability and customization. It can integrate as either a standalone system or a component within existing trading ecosystems, thereby facilitating a complex and scalable trading environment that enhances operational efficiency.


This platform supports an extensive array of combined spot and derivatives trading order types including Market, Limit, Stop Loss, and Take Profit. These features enable traders to deploy expanded trading strategies that align with their financial objectives and risk management preferences. The addition of leverage trading significantly increases profit opportunities for exchange operators, which may be the most attractive appeal in highly volatile markets. This strategic implementation of leverage enables exchange operators to enhance earnings potential while maintaining control over risk, crucial for thriving in dynamic trading environments.


Ian McAfee, CEO of Shift Markets, stated, “We knew there was a clear market need for a dedicated derivatives trading solution for exchanges and brokerages. The Crypto Derivatives Platform addresses this gap, enhancing our clients’ trading operations and offering significant growth potential through derivatives trading. It enables our clients to more effectively capitalize on market movements, enhancing their trading capabilities and positioning them for growth in a competitive market.



Setting the Stage for Future Exchange Platforms

The Crypto Derivatives Platform by Shift Markets serves as a strategic tool for brokerages and exchanges aiming to broaden their services and fortify their market presence. Opting for this platform prepares clients for a future of improved profitability, operational excellence, and customer satisfaction.


Shift Markets invites potential partners to explore the benefits of the next-generation Crypto Derivatives Platform by reaching out today.



About Shift Markets

Shift Markets is the premier Crypto-as-a-Service provider, offering proprietary white label digital asset infrastructure and trading technology. Shift enables businesses to quickly commercialize digital assets, assisting enterprises in integrating high-level digital asset trading. This ensures efficient adoption and superior market performance.

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