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Boost FX Profits With Our Brokerage Crypto Integration

The Complete Spot Crypto Exchange Solution

Optimize your brokerage by allowing users to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies alongside FX transactions with our powerful brokerage crypto integration.


Maximize Profits Beyond FX: Unlock a higher level of trading for your clients by enabling cryptocurrency transactions.

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Expand Your Client Base: Attract new audiences by offering both FX and cryptocurrency trading.


Abundant Liquidity: Connect to the worlds largest exchanges, and tap into abundant and pre-sourced liquidity from the first day of launch.

Full Spot Crypto Exchange Solution

Combine your backoffice, platform, bridge, and CRM into one unified solution. With Shift Markets, our FX brokerage crypto integration streamlines setup without compromising on security or customizability.


Allow customers to buy and sell crypto with our one-stop shop solution


Effortlessly transition between diverse assets.


Aggregate liquidity from the world’s top crypto exchanges


Choice of A-book or B-book Trading

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