White-Label vs Building Your Own Crypto Exchange

White-Label vs Building Your Own Crypto Exchange

White-Label vs Building Your Own Crypto Exchange

Have you ever wanted to start your own crypto exchange but didn’t know where to start? You’re not alone! The cryptocurrency market has sparked the interest of many traders, marketers, financial experts, and technologists, but it can also be an intimidating space.


One of the best ways to get involved in the crypto market is by owning a cryptocurrency exchange, which has the highest touchpoint to multiple streams of revenue. This article by Shift Markets intends to explain the differences in white-labeling your own crypto exchange versus building one from scratch.



What is a white-label exchange technology?

A white-label is a product or service that is made by one company so another can rebrand it to appear as if it were their own. A white-label cryptocurrency exchange offers the same concept, where a company such as Shift Markets offers the entire exchange infrastructure. Other institutions and individuals can rebrand the design and display it as their own technology.


Key features of a white-label crypto exchange solution include:

Heres a benefits breakdown of white-labeling your technology.



Additional benefits of a White-Label Crypto Exchange

Below are some of the additional benefits of white-label crypto exchange:



The cost to white-label a crypto exchange is much cheaper than building your own from scratch. Since the exchange software is highly complex, developing and debugging an exchange from the ground up can take an entire year or even longer.

Quicker to the market

Because the technology is already built, you can focus on building your business and customizing your exchange to match your strategy and style. Most white-label exchanges can be set up and brought to market in a timely manner.

Focus more on marketing

Instead of focusing solely on building technology, you can focus on marketing and building your brand. While the backend is maintained by the white-label provider, you can strategize on which demographic and audience you want to target. Once your exchange is operational, you can hit the ground running.



Building Your Own Crypto Exchange

Building your own crypto exchange from scratch will involve extensive capital, time, development, compliance, testing, and more. Additionally, you will have to create your own backend and matching engine which can be costly and time-consuming.

If you have the resources to gather a team with the necessary legal and technical background, building your own exchange can have its benefits. Below are some of the benefits of building your own crypto exchange:

  • Own the technology
  • Determine your own fee structure
  • A deeper understanding of your platform


Shift Into Crypto with Cointrader

Operating a cryptocurrency exchange can be daunting, however, it can be extremely rewarding once it is operational. Whether you decide to white-label an exchange technology or build it from scratch, seeking advice from tech and blockchain professionals is always recommended.

Shift Markets offers a turnkey white-label crypto exchange solution that enables custom user interfaces for high visual impact and unparalleled trading experience for users.

We’ve combined our network and 40 years of cumulative electronic trading experience to successfully launch over 70 crypto exchanges across the world.

Talk to us today to demo our product with one of our professionals.

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