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Digital Asset Ledger

Shift Market’s proprietary digital asset ledger stands out by allowing clients to effortlessly monitor individual user balances alongside the native custody provider. Record transactions and manage orders with unmatched precision in the dynamic digital asset landscape.

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Critical Elements of our
Ledger Platform

  • Uncompromising transaction security with an immutable ledger
  • Dual-layered order management system ensuring flexibility in managing liquidity
  • Modular authentication supporting providers like Auth0 & Amazon Cognito
  • Omnibus wallet sweeping enables efficient fund management

Optimize Asset Management with Shift Markets

Redefine standards for security, transparency, and user balance tracking in the digital asset realm. Elevate your recordkeeping to unprecedented heights, setting a new standard in digital asset management.

  • crypto-pay

    Convert Payments

    Convert incoming payments into the desired digital assets, offering users a hassle-free experience. Enhance user convenience and ensure efficient and accurate processing of payments.

  • Group 1000004142

    Associate Addresses
    with Your Users

    Forge a direct link between blockchain addresses and user profiles, enhancing asset tracking by providing a transparent record of transactions associated with specific users.

  • buy-and-sell-crypto


    Integrate with industry-standard liquidity providers, market makers, and exchanges to ensure optimal trading conditions and depth for your users.


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