Where we Target?

Turn traditional securities into tokens to provide a variety of benefits including greater liquidity, lower transactions costs, automated & faster settlement times, secure compliance, fractional ownership, and a true 24/7 market. 


Security Tokens

Create your own security tokens that pay dividends, share profits, pay interest or invest in other tokens or assets to generate profits for the token holders. Turn traditional securities or your equity into tokens that are compliant with security regulations.

Fine Art

Allow retail investors to gain access to the fine arts market and artists an opportunity to benefit from their artwork as equitable investments. Artists can now have control over the fate and stream of revenues of their artwork through fractional ownership of tokens.

Real Estate

Offer retail investors the ability to own tokens of top buildings like the Empire State Building by tokenizing your real estate and property. Illiquid assets that are too costly to trade such as this gain greater liquidity through tokenization.


Transform physical assets into tradable digital assets in a market with greater liquidity and lower barrier to entry in asset classes traditionally dominated by institutional investors.

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What are Security Tokens?


Security Tokens are financial securities, such as shares or equity that have rights and protections built through blockchain integration and smart contracts.



Tokenize real assets such as equity, shares, and ownership rights


Automatically generate wallet addresses secured by Google 2FA and other security innovations

Exchange Listings

Access our network of regulated exchanges to have your security token trading in global markets


We advise you through the setup process, timing, cost, structuring, and strategy with the help of our industry partners


Get set up in a jurisdiction where your security token will be compliance to securities law


Leverage our global distribution channel to make your security token more accessible