KYC & Compliance- low.png

1- KYC & Compliance

  • Understand client’s business needs through KYC and compliance

  • Discuss customized development work and infrastructure

  • Create scalable project plan and timeline


White Label Customization - low.png

2- White Label Customization

  • Work together to curate white label visual identity

  • Design custom logo, graphics and brand portfolio

  • Mock-up client’s website and trading platform


Software Development-low.png

3- Software Development

  • Build matching engine and Order Management System

  • Develop front-end for stellar performance

  • Integrate APIs and third-party services into interface


Performance Optimization-low.png

4- Performance Optimization

  • Add cryptocurrencies, tokens, fiat pairs and financial products of choice

  • Work with us to set up fees and commissions

  • Configure liquidity solution and integrate market makers


Launch Exchange-low.png

5- Launch Turnkey Exchange Solution

  • Run software for beta period

  • Pre-launch review and beta testing

  • Launch your own crypto exchange in approx. 6 weeks with 24/7 support