With a growing list of 60+ exchanges globally, Shift provides an optimal venue to increase exposure to multiple regions and fiat pairs from a central point of contact. In addition, our decade-long experience in FX makes Shift the go-to place for bridging the gap between the FX world and crypto space. Partner with us to establish your token distribution strategy and grow your network on a world-wide scale

At Shift, our mission is to bring investments from the traditional world into the crypto space.. Cryptocurrencies are still in its infancy and many markets around the globe have yet to catch on. As the industry evolves more emerging markets will show demand. We believe entering the market now presents a great opportunity to be a first mover in these regions. At the same time, we recognize the importance of being listed on already established exchanges. We will incorporate both components into our strategy to allow for diversification.  

  • Listings: Distribute your token onto Shift’s client exchanges as well as network exchanges
  • Fiat Pair Conversion: Work with exchanges to list your coin against multiple fiat pairs 
  • Promotion: Assist brokers with education on your token

Benefits Include:

  • Access: This project will allow the coin to enter the public market strategically 
  • Untapped markets: Be well-positioned in markets where crypto adoption is developing
  • Liquidity: Provide a liquid market for token holders 
  • Convenience: Work with one single point of contact to access many exchanges
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