Shift Markets has a strong presence in the FX industry and the cryptocurrency space, as our network includes tens of thousands of traders. Shift’s liquidity services to both the FX and Crypto markets allow Shift to occupy a unique position that tokens can leverage.

Our proprietary technology, retrofitted from the FX industry allows us to aggregate liquidity among our network and leading exchanges. Our flexible service allows an operator to utilize our FX connection to gain the ability to republish orders onto your exchange, providing full market liquidity at the snap of a finger.


Shift Markets Liquidity Process


Initial Conversation

Speak with our liquidity managers to discuss how you can work with our solutions and any specifics that you are looking for. 


Follow up call

Your dedicated liquidity and risk manager will work with you to discuss desired offerings, pricing, API documents, and more.


KYC Procedure

Create an account and go through a standard KYC/AML procedure to ensure full compliance. 


Deposit Funds

Deposit funds as collateral under one account, in either USD, Bitcoin, or Ethereum.


Integrate API

Receive our API specifications and have your team integrate it into your exchange.


Our Liquidity Features

Aggregated Liquidity

Gain exposure to our network of leading crypto exchanges with competitive spreads

Major Cryptos

Get liquidity for major cryptos such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Stellar Lumens

Exchange Network

Allow trading for multiple crypto and fiat pairs under a single connection. No need to transfer crypto.


Support & Risk Management

Get 24/7 support from our liquidity and risk managers with over 150 years of cumulative experience.

Exotic Currencies

Access liquidity for exotic currencies such as PSP, BRL, TRY, MXN, and many more

Collateral Settlement

We manage your liquidity balances so you can avoid the need to rebalance your inventory


Problems We Solve

  • Low volume and liquidity leading to constant dramatic price swings.

  • Assets being held in the hands of a few, usually whale investors, are susceptible to market manipulation.

  • In the world of open-source and lack of patents or IP, the strongest network will dominate. SHIFT provides a go-to-market strategy and how to acquire consumer adoption.

Our Value Drivers

  • Increasing liquidity and volume globally, especially with a fiat-based exchange.

Positive Business Outcomes

  • Faster time to market and establish ecosystem.

  • In turn, SHIFT legitimizes your project from an investor standpoint, which will eventually lead to more interest from the mainstream ecosystem.