Shift NOVA

Shift NOVA is a White Label Token Issuance Platform for the issuance of digital asset tokens. Tokenize traditional securities and create your own ecosystem on blockchain technology.

Key Platform Features

Allow issuers to turn traditional securities into tokens to provide a variety of benefits including greater liquidity, dividend distribution, faster settlement times, and secure compliance for accredited investors.


Administration Portal

Manage and onboard accredited investors, token issuers, and crowd sales with registration tools, forms, approvals, alerts, & notifications. 


Secondary Trading Network

Global liquidity access for network tokens on secondary markets. Tokens can be traded by accredited investors via Web, Mobile, FIX, Websockets, Rest, & Native.


KYC & Compliance

Automated vetting for registered users by industry leading KYC/AML and accreditation wizards across regulated jurisdictions.


Blockchain Settlement

Blockchain powered settlement system, trade reconciliation, peer-to-peer and interbroker settlement tools. Asset holdings are secured on smart contracts with multi-sig and offline storage.


True 24/7 Trading

Modern interface for token inputs, smart contracts, ERC-20 generation, share registry, offering types, token supply, pricing, and more.


Investment Management

Browse direct offerings, investment profiles, deal rooms, peer-to-peer transactions, and off-platform transfers. Offer non-US based investors to directly invest in US-based companies. 

Token Issuance Process


1) Issuance Creation

The token issuer will register, create a new project, choose securities exemptions, and configure the offering details.


2) Security Offering

General information such as prospectus and whitepaper will be presented. Issuers specify offering agreements, funding, solicitation, and SEC statements


3) Tokenization

Assignment of symbol with smart contract and cap table specifications. The ERC-20 token will then be accessible by secondary markets and crowdfunding.


4) Token Crowd Sale

Registered, accredited investors can browse published information and invest in security tokens with integrated wallets or escrow accounts.


5) Secondary Trading

Web portals will be created for trade administration, market making, settlement management, issuer portals, and alternative trading systems.


6) Settlement

Settlements will be confirmed with net settlement reports, proxy voting, and security records. Admins, investors, and issuers will be able to view positions, cash, and tokens. 


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What Assets Can You Target?



Traditional securities and equity can be digitalized into tokens that are compliant with security regulations. These tokens can pay dividends, share profits, interest or be used as an investment in other tokens to generate profits for token holders. 




Offer investors the ability to own tokens of properties, buildings, and real estate.  Illiquid assets that are too costly to trade such as this gain much greater liquidity through tokenization.




Owners of physical assets can now transform them into tradable digital assets in a market with greater liquidity and lower barrier to entry in asset classes traditionally dominated by institutional investors. 



Fine Art

Allow investors to gain access to the fine arts market and artists an opportunity to benefit from their artwork as equitable investments.  Artists can now issue tokens and control streams of revenue of their artwork through fractional ownership of tokens.


Investment Funds_1.png

Investment Funds

Rather than waiting for a return on a fund, issuers can tokenize interest on funds and make that interest tradeable. Investors can also enter and exit in multiple ventures on behalf of the fund and still get the portfolio effect by trading based on the fund's net asset value. Investors now have the option to sell their stakes after a shorter time period.