Shift Markets Partners With TRON

Bridging the gap between the FX and crypto markets with TRX.


Leveraging Shift’s FX Broker Network

We’re excited to announce our partnership with a high-profile international blockchain foundation, TRON. The TRON Protocol offers scalable, availability, and high-throughput support that serves as the foundation for a decentralized entertainment content sharing platform. TRON leverages blockchain and peer-to-peer network technology and aims to tackle the $1 trillion global entertainment industry.

Through a partnership with our FX broker network, Tronix (TRX), the official currency of TRON, will be brought into the foreign exchange markets, the largest and most liquid market in the world.

TRON Founder, Justin Sun expressed his excitement for the partnership:

“TRON’s partnership with Shift Markets marks a major expansion in the availability of TRX and fiat trading. We are proud to play a prominent role in joining cryptocurrency and FX markets across the globe.”

while adding to his Twitter:

“#TRON partnered with @shiftmarkets to bring $TRX into more currency markets around the world. Stay tuned.”

Prior to our partnership, TRX could be traded through nine different brokers in nine different countries. We’ve built access for TRX to be offered on two new brokerages in the UK and India. This includes the first UK regulated exchange and a leading regulated FX broker in India, JM Financial.

Our CEO, Ian McAfee, expressed similar sentiments regarding “bridging the gap between the FX and crypto markets, by adding:

“We are excited to bridge the gap between the FX and crypto markets with a popular and exciting project like TRON,” said Ian McAfee, CEO of Shift Markets. “The demand from FX has been enormous, and we anticipate more and more crossover between the two markets.”

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